Frequently-Asked Questions

Whether you’re a first-timer getting photos done, or if this is old-hat for you, there are lots of questions to be had when it comes to choosing a photographer.  Here are some answers.

Do I need professional headshots? Can’t I just use that great picture of me from a party I was at last year?

Now, most actors know the answer to this one, but I do get this question a lot from people interested in getting corporate, professional portraits done.  The easy answer is YES, you need them!

A professional headshot is not just about you looking like a supermodel or having a fancy calling-card.  Having a professional headshot shows that you are serious about what you do, that you care about the way you present yourself within your business, and that you want to present yourself to your profession in the best possible light.  Having your friend take a snapshot of you might be fine for facebook, but if you are using a photo in any way to represent yourself professionally, you want to make sure that photo says exactly what you want it to say about you, and that its composition or lighting do not detract from the most important part of the image…YOU!

Do you shoot inside or outside?

Most photo shoots I will split my time between my indoor-studio and shooting on the streets in the immediate area.  Indoor photos in my studio/lighting setting can get some great shots, and we can fill hours doing this, but I LOVE shooting outdoors (and my clients do, too!), as it gives us a chance to play, to find a spot, background, location that really suits you.

What if there’s bad weather? Will we have to reschedule?

I sometimes split the time during my photo shoots between indoors and outdoors, but we are totally able to get awesome shots completely inside.  Either way, we will touch base the day before our photo shoot to assess, and determine if we need to reschedule, based on what we are trying to accomplish with our photo shoot.

Rain is no fun, but often, even on ‘rainy days,’ there may be time throughout the day when it is dry, and so we can still shoot outside during that time. That being said, you’d be surprised by what weather conditions are still conducive to shooting.  Overcast, hot, cold, misty….we can make them all work.  Hurricanes, not so much.

Where do you shoot?

I shoot in my studio in Brooklyn, as well as outside in the surrounding area, in beautiful, historic, Brownstone-filled Clinton Hill.  I also, at times, travel to another location of your choosing, and can do shoots anywhere in New York City.

How should I prepare for my photo shoot?

Before your photo shoot, there are a few things you should think about.

Taking care of yourself – your skin, your body, your soul.

Choosing outfits – deciding what

What is the best time of day to shoot?

This depends on the time of year, as well as the weather.  I will usually shy away from shooting at “high noon” when the sun is right overhead, but am able to work around specific time-constraints.  If we are shooting all indoors, time of day doesn’t matter.

If we are shooting outside, are people going to stop and watch?

You could walk down the street in Manhattan dressed as a clown with a monkey mask, and no one may give you the time of day.  When I am shooting outside, more often than not, people just walk on by and don’t really care.  Every so often someone may stop and watch for a few seconds, or make a comment about you looking like a supermodel, or wanting their photo taken.  To that, I simply turn the camera on them and say “smile,” which is usually enough for them to walk away, or we just laugh and embrace the fact that you ARE A SUPERMODEL and therefore, naturally, people want to watch.  I have never had any ‘problems’ with on-lookers or people harassing us during a shoot, and I have never had a client upset or nervous shooting outside.

What happens after my shoot?

Within 48 hours after your photo shoot, I will send you a link to your online gallery, which will have every photo from the day.  This gallery will be password-protected, so only YOU will be able to view them, or share with them. These photos will also be unedited, but you will be able to download them directly from the website if you would like.  From here, you can choose your ‘favorites’ and create a separate gallery of just those, share them with your friends or agent, or me, and eventually narrow it down to the one or two photo(s) you want to use for print or publicity.

If you would like a CD of your photos, I will be happy to send that to you as well.  Once you have chosen which photo to use, let me know and I can do minor retouching if you would like, after which you can send them to get printed (I recommend REPRODUCTIONS) or you can post them directly to your website, business profile, LinkedIn, etc.  If you are having my retouch an image for you, and you need it to be a specific size (say, for a LinkedIn profile), let me know ahead of time, and I can make sure it will fit when you upload it!

Will you help me choose which photo to use after our photo shoot?

Sure thing.  You can read my BLOG on HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT PHOTO after your shoot. You’ll notice that the last option is to ask your photographer, and I am happy to help you choose once you have narrowed it down, but there are some great tips there on how to best hone in on your perfect photo!

Do I own the pictures that you take?

You sure do!  You will be able to download each and every photo that I take, and I can even send you a CD with all the photos from your shoot.  Many photographers will try to sell you additional images than the one or two they “include” in the package, but I say, you paid for them, they are yours!  My only request in that regard is that, if you do use your photos in some sort of public way, to let people know who you awesome photographer was!!