Whether this is your first photo shoot, or you’re upgrading your photos for the fourth time, there is always the question of “what to wear.” Even more so for people who are not opting for a “full photo session” where clothing changes can allow a variety of “looks,” it’s important that what you decide to wear echoes what you are trying to communicate with your photos.

First off, some basics:

Bring Options

Even if you’re only going to take photos in one outfit, bring a bunch of options for us to look at before we start. We’ll chat about what kind of photos we want to take together, and hone in on what clothing choice best supports that kind of photo.  Options means different colors, neck-lines, and lots of layers.  Get that rolling carry-on suitcase out of the closet and bring too much….upwards of ten tops, a few pairs of pants, and we’ll look at it all and figure out what to use.

Wear Color

I encourage you to bring clothing with color, to stray away from black and white (though if you really like a certain piece, bring it!).  Especially, bring colors that you wear often, that bring out your eyes, and that are pieces you enjoy wearing.

Avoid Patterns

We want the image to be about YOU, not about the beautiful but distracting Spring dress covered in butterflies and neon flowers, that happens to fit you really well. Any kind of pattern, picture, writing, or stripes on a shirt can detract from the most important thing in the image: YOU! If you’re unsure, bring it and we can decide together.

Love your Layers

Especially for MEN, layers can be great for a photo shoot.  We’re talking vests, a jacket, a hoodie, a tie….V-necks, thermals, t-shirts, bring it all!  You’d be amazed at what some combinations can say about you, and we’ll have lots of fun playing.


Clothing is more than just the perfect solid-colored top, however. You want your clothing choice to help you say something with your new fabulous photos, so ask yourself a few things first.

What do I want my photos to say about me?

Maybe you’re a dancer and you want to show off your athletic physique. Bring clothes that helps show that off (without being too risqué). Are you a businessman who wants to show that he’s more entrepreneurial and not just another ‘stuffed shirt?’ Maybe a dress shirt without a tie would be better than a full suit. Make a

Wear what you feel comfortable in

If you feel uncomfortable in the clothes you have on, or feel like you’re wearing a ‘costume’ or are dressing up like someone you’re not, that will read in your photo. So wear something that makes you feel comfortable (but not sweatpants), confident (not a suit of armor), and sexy (but maybe not the lingerie). Clothes that allow you to feel you, that feel good to have on, and that make you look ‘the part’ (whether it be a CEO or the lead in a Broadway show) are pivotal.

Dress the part

What clothes would you wear to an interview for your ideal job? Or to an audition for the part you were meant to play? Wear clothes that you would actually be seen in, professionally. If you always wear a blue top or blue tie to work, then wear that in your photo! If you never wear red in real life because it’s just not your personality, then don’t bring it….it’s not you!


When in doubt, like I said earlier, bring options. At the beginning of every photo session we will discuss lay out our planned outfit(s), so it’s better to have that extra shirt in your bag than wish you did. We will work together to make sure that every aspect of your photo communicates what YOU want to say to your audience.

  • AFTER YOUR SHOOT – Picking Your Perfect Photo